FAQ: We played our CD "Musica per Anziani Cosmonauti" by:

- Bontempi HO 258: large toy electric wind organ with heavy iron engine;
- Bontempi Electronic Drum Machine ED 0451: toy drum machine with 4 rubber pads;
- Bontempi GT 510: real noise toy keyboard 36 preset sounds and dual tone synthesis for combining 666 mixed sounds. There isn't output jack;
- Bontempi KE 3860: toy keyboard with incredible synth section;
- Casio PT-20: small toy keyboard with 9 buttons for single finger chords;
- Casio PT-50: silver space toy keyboard with rom/ram pack slot;
- Casio SA-2: small noise toy keyboard without output jack:
- Casio SA-5: small toy keyboard - bending improved;
- Casio SK-1: toy keyboard with lo-fi sampled and beautiful bleep rhythm section;
- Casio SK-5: toy keyboard with lo-fi sampled;
- Casio VL-1: toy keyboard with real editable synth;
- Chicco [?]: non semitones child keyboard;
- Chicco [?]: non electric child xylophon;
- Commodore 64: great squarewave home computer;
- Creatoy: child didattic game and incredible drum machine;
- Gameboy: small game console + Nanoloop cartridge;
- Grand Stand Major Minor: beautiful and rare keyboard;
- Yamaha HS-500: small toy keyboard with "professional" synth sound;
- Letron MC- 38: german hard squarewave toy keyboard [we love it];
- Maitho PK-8: squarewave large toy keyboard with synth section;
- Medeli MC-3: squarewave toy keyboard with synth section;
- Texas Instruments Fonillo: educational toy machine with sound effects;
- Weddingthon Computer-a-Tune: small red analogic toy space organ ;
- Self-made-circuit-bended machines: Biodrum [bended Bontempi toy drum machine], Casio_bol Life Generator [bended Casio Sa-2], Chicco Fuzz [bended Chicco toy keyboard with animals section]

We use only second hand instruments buy at flea market or found into trash boxes. We prefer 1980 toys.
Sometimes some good friends or nice human give us his old musical toys.

Amish are the better human community for intergenerational space travels.

Commodore 64: our 1° favorite synth
Casio Vl-1: our 2° favorite synth
No Name Keyboard.
We love it!
Grandstand Major Minor. What else!




Little Toy keytar
We did not found the name or the brand. Very noisy and
cheap sampled squarewave sound.
Crazy design! [watch large image]
We use it in some live performance with automatic bending orchestra.
It works with 4 small battery but incredibly it works with 2 battery
too! Perfect keyboard for austerity times!

Drum machine
We did not found the name or the brand. 1990 real toy techno
[old school] sound. It plays like an hammer!
Small chamber reverb on every sound.
You can play a single drum instrument
[like snare, splash or tom] or play a techno loop.
You can hear bended version
in "Elettronica discount" on our 8bitpeople space

Fonillo [suona/parla]
1985 educational toy machine with membrane sound keys, effects
and educational modality [watch large image].
Cobol used this machine for Emiglino's music exercises.
It's so hard to play because the key haven't any feedback.
Bontempi Playback Superkeyboard
Sound effects toy keyboard.
Preset sounds: Top gun, ufo, dual tone, tv game, cosmic, robot, space 1, space 2. [watch large image]
The official Cobol Pongide space keyboard to fight conformistic aliens!
You can hear effects in our track Destinazione esoplanetaria.
Grandstand Major Minor
1986 great toy keyboard monophonic with a main voice.
Main voice is squarewave with very gritty digital zipper noise envelopes.
5 audio games and several built-in melodies and great voices section.
Beautiful design!
You can hear it in La mia prima volta in tecnicolor - solo, or in my label Beatpick
Beaver drum machine
Our favorite light eyes beaver drum machine. Great heavy toy
techno sound with editable drum loop.
The beaver is so fat!
You can hear everyvhere in ours tracks. 
Goldsound - renamed "Cobol Gamer"
Once upon a time an heavy squarewave monophonic keyboard with only a sound and a small recorder/sequencer.
First Cobol's bending improved it with: tremolo, down-tone, space randomic effects (if one might say so).
Chicco - renamed "Chicco Fuzz"
Originally one sound children non semitones keyboard.
Bending improved: five fuzz sound and a tremolo [watch large image].
Now a real toy for a child antichrist.
You can hear in our track "C'e' una concreta possibilità che laika sia ancora viva".

Casio EP-10 - Muppet Babies
1987 toy keyboard with Vl-1 sound but without programmable
synthesizer hardware.
Great blip rhythm improved section and playable more than Vl-1 (see the Casio Pt-1).
Small portable toy keyboard with membrane keys.
Only a stupid sound and a recorder/sequencer function.
But we can’t help it.
Chicco xylophone
Beatiful xylophone with keys.
Behind it there are also two yellow stick to play xylophone.
It isn't an electric toy.
Magnus Electric Organ Model 1510
1950 bakelite case, children electric chord organ.
Very small for small fingers.
Emiglino's grandfather learned to plays with it.
Weddingthon Compute-a-Tune
1978 little red analogic toy space age organ. We use it in our space trips.
Hot sound with sustain, echo and some other space functions.
We love it!
You can hear in our track "Interkozmosz". 

Cobol rec machine
Two tracks cassette recorder. You can dub the first track on the second track and record the new one.
The yellow button is a tom sound or bird sound [at your choise] you can add it on your track... it's very useful!!!
Cool design!

Bontempi Gt 510
36 preset sounds and dual tone synthesis for combining 666 mixed sounds!
Very noisy but beautiful toys sound.
There is not output jack.
You can find it in a black case branded Farfisa.
You can hear in "Cosmismo" and "La mia prima volta in tecnicolor" [solo] on our Myspace or on our player.
1) Animatronics keyboard
Non semitones toy keyboard with animatronics animals movement.
Specialized: rumors.
Five preset sampled sounds: piano, trumphet, little bell, and spring.
Animatronics: frog (under a leaf), cow (into a milk tank), chick (into a egg), dog (into a rounded box).
A movement on every key!
Watch video.
2) Animatronics keyboard
Another non semitones toy keyboard with animatronics.
Specialized: instruments.
Five preset sampled sounds: piano, sax, bell, violin, accordion.
Animatonics: giraffe + zebra (?), hippopotamus (to twirl), bear (on swing), elephant (on toy horse).
A movement on every key!
Watch video.
3) Animatronics keyboard
Last non semitones animatronics toy keyboard in this series.
Specialized: animals.
Five preset samples sounds: piano, dog, frog, cat, chick.
Animatonics: dog (move ears), frog (open mouth), cat (move head), chick (open beak).
A movement on every key!
Casio Vl-10
1981 space small and flat keyboard very similar sounds to Casio Vl-1 machine. Like Vl-1 you can use blip rhythm and sequencer.
Preset sound: piano, fantasy, violin, flute, guitar.
Sorry, there is not output jack.
You can hear in my track "Micromacchine" on our Myspace
Non semitones children keyboard. Non rhythm section.
Is caratterized with a hot toy timbre and six preset sounds: pan flute, violin, guitar, trumpet, xylophon, drum [snare and kick].
Beautiful demo. [watch large image]
Listen the demo

Europlay space keytar
Cool design keyboard with only poor toy squarewave sound.
Great colours.


Mega - My Music Center
Digital lo-fi toy keyboard with grainy ethereal resonant lo-fi sounds and chorus effect.
Preset sound: piano, organ, violin, trumpet, mandolin, bell, music box, guitar.
Classical '90 toy keyboard.

Castle toy keyboard
Beautiful keyboard with 7 toy pcm sounds [violim, trumphet, guitar, etc.].
Beautiful demos song with 3 child/teen songs.
There is a button for a knell!
Emiglino would like to live inside with Martina Cuoricina!

You can hear in our track "Sa.", goto player or in final solo in "Elettronica discount" in our 8bitpeople space

Drum - Keyboard
Drum play like Beaver Drum Machine [see above].
Keyboard plays like a squarewave machine.
Perfect instrument for "one child microband".
Only with Nanoloop.
You can ear arpegiator in our track Destinazione esoplanetaria. An instrumental version on our label Beatpick
Chinese animatronic toy keyboard
Very noisy, out of tune and cheap samples squarewave sound.
The windmill animatronic is very usefull to turn the ghosts out from my room. I live in a room with a '70 forest photo giant wall and every night come some ghosts..

Letron Mc-38
Fantastic digital squarewave keyboard!
CYBERYOG said: "This keyboard sounds great, but don't buy one of these so far your only intention is to get a keyboard with faithfully imitated natural instrument sounds. Remember, this is a squarewave instrument and though many of its sounds sound not even remotely like what is written on its buttons, thus bought with wrong expectation it may disappoint you"
You can hear in my track "Complesso tecnico disadattato" on our Myspace.
Electronic Piano Watch
Only a monofonic poor sqarewave sound without semitones.
Useful because when someone ask you the time you can sing the answer ... lalala ten lalala o'clock lalalalala.
[watch large image]
Casio Sa-5
"Like a stratocaster": good in every condition.
Lower sample resolution, very noisy editable sounds.
You can hear in our track "Atletici e barofobici"
on our label Beatpick

Bontempi ed0451
Electronic drum set with 4 percussive sounds. Two green sticks included. Not preset loops. Great drum and snare sounds by the embedded speaker. Bad playability. Bad balance from the output jack.